Welcome to the Cloud Native Platform

Using this guide

On the left hand side, you should see the various top-level navigation items.

For instance:

  • DevSecOps: Information related to the deployment and operation of applications in a secure and interoperable manner
  • Concepts: High-level articles whose primary goal is to illustate an idea or general feature
  • How To Guides: In-depth articles covering specific topics for instance, how to connect to the Kubernetes cluster
  • Reference: Information around varous platform processes, and well as links to recommended external documentation resources

Selecting any of the menu items will expand that corresponding section.

Currently, the vast majority of the information in the guide is in the “DevSecOps” section.

Note: Due to the way this guide is published each of the sections ends up as a single HTML page. As a result, you might find Cmd-F/Ctrl-F easier to use then the native search box.

Contributing to the guide

As this documentation is a work in progress we are always looking for help and contributions to improve it. Please feel free to submit any pull requests (PRs) or even general questions and / or suggestions in our GitHub repository.