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Minutes for 2018-08-26

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Minutes taken by: Zachary Seguin

Post Discussion

  • More flexibility with some of the timing
  • Procurement people are allowed to come into presentations
  • Full remote meetings would be a big plus
    • Still have issues with some departments blocking access
    • Face to Face is of course important though and will be main type of meetup
  • Interest in talking to people who have taken Kubernetes all the way into production
  • Request to ask if we can get Jonathan Pulcifier (Security) at Shopify
  • Interest in hosting a Kubernetes Basics Course
  • Serverless talks on:
    • Lambda
    • When to use versus containers
    • KNative
  • GCTools is willing to do a demo
  • Chris Allison wants to help and better support communities that to exist
  • We can apparently get translation and transcription
  • Desire for focused problem sets and interactive demos
  • Mentioned dev.to where n number of developers can code together
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