<!-- .slide: id="ops" data-transition="concave" --> # Cloud Native [govcloud/charts](http://github.com/govcloud/charts) <i class="fa fa-github"></i></li> Note: This is a presentation created in conjunction with the Canadian Digital Services and Cloud Operations team at Statistics Canada. --- <!-- .slide: id="agenda" data-transition="concave" --> # Agenda * Planning Items * NodeJS Multi Stage Builds * NodeJS Developer Improvements * GitLab CI / CD w/Kubernetes Note: Starting to hit our stride now and meetings for next 2 months are planned. As mentioned we are always looking for constructive criticism and are currently enacted the two we have already recieved: * More focused on specific topics * Don't assume users are familiar with fundamentals We did also get some positive feedback: * Videos are great and want more like it * Appreciate the open source repo examples Important: A lot of us are on the #cloudnative channel if ever need assistance! --- <!-- .slide: id="planning" data-transition="concave" --> # Planning Items * Minutes * Miscellaneous / Questions * Future presentations Note: ## Minutes But first we need to quickly go over some highlight from the minutes during the last meetup. * Review of planning decisions from last meeting * Website govcloud.ca * More documentation being pushed to YouTube * Will cut out planning discussion from video minutes * Will upload 1.5hrs in chunks * AKS / ACS (Benefits / Comparisons) * ACS Engine * Take bare minimum cluster definition (small JSON) which then generates ARM templates * For operators that need complete control and customizability * Deploys cluster on Ubuntu * OpenShift support also being added * Can add custom extensions (e.g., choco) * Autoscaler * Heptio Ark: Must have for any cluster * VS Code: Many Kubernetes / Helm integration * JupyterHub and custom developer environments * Distributed Logging with EFK * Pachyderm ## Miscellaneous / Questions What kind of applications are people consider containerizing? * Identity management platform (6 services together) - Pat, Public Works * Working locally, automated pipeline, test * Alpine Linux, a few that are Ubuntu (more for COTS) * GitLab CI * Data science framework (spark, Hadoop, Drupal, etc.) - Will, Statistics Canada * Horizontal services that devops can deploy and maintain to support dev groups * Private NuGet repo, Jenkins, GitLab, etc. * Windows 17.09 or higher (Azure, Kubernetes) due to networking issues * Build containers for non-core applications of .NET * Best ways to set up local: * Easiest: Docker for Mac / Windows (currently in edge) * Hyperkube, Kubespray ## Future Presentations * Zachary Seguin: Will be talking about his work with OpenFaaS, Serverless Functions Made Simple for Docker and Kubernetes and how he leveraged react * Marc Tessier: Will be showing the great work done with Windows container development in the .NET / Nuget space. As well as refined CI/CD workflow from local dev -> prod * Ross Clarke: Will be showcasing his work with Terraform and how it facilitates hybrid cloud development ___ <!-- .slide: id="nodejs" data-transition="concave" --> # NodeJS Multi Stage Builds * NodeJS Docker Core Maintainer * Introduced Alpine build * Multi Stage Builds * Many improvements towards speed / performance * New Windows branch Note: Introduce Laurent Goderre one of the Core Maintainer on NodeJS Docker image. ___ <!-- .slide: id="gitlab" data-transition="concave" --> # GitLab CI / CD * GitLab CI / CD * Auto Devops * Integration with Kubernetes * Pipelines * Demo Note: Demo a full GitLab workflow for development all the way through to production. ___